me experimenting with designs

I wanted to experiment with our designs and combine them in different ways i would have them and then show the group what I have come up with.

The last design with floral’s layered with stripes was initially inspired by our initial drawings experimenting with layers:

17362553_1034407236664536_7000688465005985763_nI really liked how colors came out and how well the design looks and have a completely different look again when you try them out in different layers and colors the group really loved what I brought to the team. And the floral design with strips then got developed into a design but more in a simplistic way.

One of our final designs:

17425082_1318760604885618_4661621748695262979_nWe wanted the colors to be there signature yellow with the stitch line design as the background in black as these colors are very Dr martens, and we liked the contrast and switched roles with the colors because previously our flower’s where in black to be more like the brands style and the yellow would be there iconic stitch color.

simplistic designs

So after our skulls we where advised it was too obvious and predictable and to more simplistic because we where over doing it we wanted to bring it back to basics a bit and instead of using skulls we thought we would use skulls eyes as an element for a design, and use there simple stitch line for one and we where inspired by cut out design and thought this was very Dr marten so we wanted to change elements and incorporate in our design.

This was where we got our inspiration from for our criss cross design.

Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-29-19 (1)

These are a couple of our final simplistic designs:

We also wanted to try out the criss cross print onto our pink leather we first tried it out in blue from our color pallet:

20170322_113618.jpgwe really liked how well this print looked on the pink leather but we felt there was something missing it needed to something to finish of the design, so we came up with foot prints from the Dr marten shoe stamp which came from our collaborative drawing activity.

With the shoe stamps:

20170330_144403.jpgWe liked this print but I said I like this print but I feel it doesn’t really go with the rest of our prints I like it but not in this collection and everyone agreed when we put them all together it didn’t look like a collection but we liked the criss cross pattern on the leather we just needed to develop this maybe in a different colorway.

We decided to make the print black as it would fit better with the other designs for the collection and to carry on with hand stitch from the there signature yellow stitch line so our collection would look consistent with hand stitching also as we liked the print on its own but felt it needed something but not another bold print on top but the simple stitches was perfect to add detail and texture.

Final design:


Skulls, british elements and mohicans

We started drawing skulls, and elements of god save the queen mohican because we felt it summed up Dr martens style of punk and looking at how we would put them together as a design but after koda tracing design up together we wanted to get advise of our work as we started to get the ball rolling with our collection.

Our tutor advised that skull was to obvious and predictable which we felt was very true and we have to show development of our own drawings. And that we should focus on a more simplistic design of elements from our drawings because in most collections theses always one or two simpler designs to show variety especially in interiors in some areas you would only want a simple design.

developing the tassels

So I was given the job of developing the tassel because I brought the idea and the group really liked them so I developed theses on a bigger scale but screen printed black strips on the tassels to bring more detail to the design and bring it all in as a collection with screen printing.

20170328_124839 (1)
But after my tutorial we agreed it still needed something to add more detail and make it more interesting so i thought about adding eyelets from the idea from the eyelets on there shoes and the signature yellow stitching.

This is the final design i’m really pleased with how it has come out and it did need embellishments to make it more interesting and detail.

Floral design

This was our first design we added all flowers and elements from everyone’s drawings to make a repeating design.

In the making:


We chose firstly a black print as a contrast floral’s in black and felt spoke Dr martens more as we tried a blue but didn’t look speak brand. We then filled the floral’s with procien and binder dye we didn’t like the plastic look and feel so we decided to use proicen but with leather we would have to use binder for the dye to stick.

Final floral designs:

first one is on black leather sourced from a leather skirt and second linen.

fabric manipulation

I went back to the Dr marten shop to look at there manipulation and embellishments on there products and I really liked the use of the cutting up leather to create tassels and I wanted to bring this in our designs as I felt it really said Dr martens and represented the brand well.

using the old leather jacket to create samples to see how the tassels would look:


Everyone really loved what i brought to the team so i’m going to develop these further for one of our final designs.

The people

We wanted to know what sort of people wore Dr martens and get to know our audience, we where interested in there style so we hit the streets and photographed people wearing Dr martins so it gave us a real insight of the audience that would have our interiors in there home.




So after visiting the Dr marten shop and looking at the brand and colors we choose different types of fabrics to work with in our collection with a variety of weight and textures, As you can see the black and red fabrics was a coat and skirt from a charity shop because after looking in the fabric shop (Anglia fashions) they felt and looked really cheap so we then hit the charity shop and found these which was good quality and the jacket is 100% leather. We also liked the idea of re-using because of the brands long lasting quality of there work and as they quote its “for life”.

The dark red and black fabric as a jacket and skirt before:


How we got to our flattered pieces to print on we used a seam stripper and all got rid of all the linings and zips to have a finished flat length piece of leather to work with:

Color pallet


We wanted these colors from an image we found on the internet looking at floral’s with a darker colored background after picking them out an making it slightly light so it wasn’t to dull this was our final result.