simplistic designs

So after our skulls we where advised it was too obvious and predictable and to more simplistic because we where over doing it we wanted to bring it back to basics a bit and instead of using skulls we thought we would use skulls eyes as an element for a design, and use there simple stitch line for one and we where inspired by cut out design and thought this was very Dr marten so we wanted to change elements and incorporate in our design.

This was where we got our inspiration from for our criss cross design.

Screenshot_2017-03-30-16-29-19 (1)

These are a couple of our final simplistic designs:

We also wanted to try out the criss cross print onto our pink leather we first tried it out in blue from our color pallet:

20170322_113618.jpgwe really liked how well this print looked on the pink leather but we felt there was something missing it needed to something to finish of the design, so we came up with foot prints from the Dr marten shoe stamp which came from our collaborative drawing activity.

With the shoe stamps:

20170330_144403.jpgWe liked this print but I said I like this print but I feel it doesn’t really go with the rest of our prints I like it but not in this collection and everyone agreed when we put them all together it didn’t look like a collection but we liked the criss cross pattern on the leather we just needed to develop this maybe in a different colorway.

We decided to make the print black as it would fit better with the other designs for the collection and to carry on with hand stitch from the there signature yellow stitch line so our collection would look consistent with hand stitching also as we liked the print on its own but felt it needed something but not another bold print on top but the simple stitches was perfect to add detail and texture.

Final design:



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