me experimenting with designs

I wanted to experiment with our designs and combine them in different ways i would have them and then show the group what I have come up with.

The last design with floral’s layered with stripes was initially inspired by our initial drawings experimenting with layers:

17362553_1034407236664536_7000688465005985763_nI really liked how colors came out and how well the design looks and have a completely different look again when you try them out in different layers and colors the group really loved what I brought to the team. And the floral design with strips then got developed into a design but more in a simplistic way.

One of our final designs:

17425082_1318760604885618_4661621748695262979_nWe wanted the colors to be there signature yellow with the stitch line design as the background in black as these colors are very Dr martens, and we liked the contrast and switched roles with the colors because previously our flower’s where in black to be more like the brands style and the yellow would be there iconic stitch color.

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