Instagram page

Screenshot_2017-04-19-10-42-49-1 (1).pngWe created an Instagram page to reach our audience and show them our journey to our final collection.


Our inspiration boards for this project

So these where our inspiration boards for this project which really helped us gather ideas visually and as a group the last board is images of our designs in context. But we also thought we these boards where good to show people our thought processes to explain our decision and ideas through this journey.

Our final collection in context

So this is where our designs would be for our interiors context, we wanted our context area edgy and a place that represents the brand and you would think if Dr martens was for interiors this would be the place, we also wanted to show our designs in “modern” “every day” home so it can be for both markets for the edgy, crazy individual and the modern bedroom everyday girl. ¬†We placed our collections in three different surroundings to represent this:

First a heavy weighted room that has a pub:


Modern bedroom:


Final collection

So this is our final 10 collection¬†for Dr Martens interiors, I’m really pleased of how they look and how they look as a collection. I have really enjoyed all the processes we have completed on this journey and we’ve worked well as a group on the hole we came across some challenges but we become them and worked to our final designs.


Digital Design

This is our last design as all other designs where full on hand made we liked one to be digital so we have various techniques in our collection to meet the customers needs also it helped because we wasn’t sure what to put in our last design so it was easier to upload all ideas and play around with them in Photoshop and try different colors and layout, we wanted the design to have simplistic elements so it wasn’t to heavy.

Final design:


This is the design onto fabric:

lino cut

As we’re coming to the end of our collection we were stuck with ideas of what to do for our last two designs as we couldn’t repeat too many of our already made screens so one member of the team suggested we can still do print but maybe try a different type and it gives it an edgy look which was lino cut then develop that onto a screen. We came up with the idea of a fist coming out of flowers as we thought this represents the brand very well and got our inspiration from our primary research in store from this shoe:

17362785_1038193602952566_5088180219520956409_n.jpgWhich got developed into:

17389146_1626237697391417_8381787682659609917_oThen our finished result:

17310054_1626558724025981_2443576694118308482_o.jpgWe liked the contrast of a pretty light flower and a hard rock fist popping out.

Final design:


heavy weight leather meets ditsy florals

So from our development of roses we hose to machine embroider these onto to leather because we liked the contrast of a heavy weight leather with ditsy light floral’s stitched in but also we chose this idea for our design because embroidery is current in fashion trends especially floral’s and our brief asked us for collection for current trends.

Development with putting all our roses together as a design:

17309625_1646195352061872_2432340119606960527_nhow it would look in context:


Final design:


Collaborative drawing activitys

We all decided to do some collaborative drawing to see all our different styles combined, we timed ourselfs before switching round this really helped us as we where stuck into what our next designs should be on also was nice collaborative activity.

We also combined our drawings again on this engraver on a piece of fabric and combined all of our drawing elements for a fun activity it helped to bring us all together.