lino cut

As we’re coming to the end of our collection we were stuck with ideas of what to do for our last two designs as we couldn’t repeat too many of our already made screens so one member of the team suggested we can still do print but maybe try a different type and it gives it an edgy look which was lino cut then develop that onto a screen. We came up with the idea of a fist coming out of flowers as we thought this represents the brand very well and got our inspiration from our primary research in store from this shoe:

17362785_1038193602952566_5088180219520956409_n.jpgWhich got developed into:

17389146_1626237697391417_8381787682659609917_oThen our finished result:

17310054_1626558724025981_2443576694118308482_o.jpgWe liked the contrast of a pretty light flower and a hard rock fist popping out.

Final design:


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