More refined idea

So we had a tutorial with our tutors and after we explained our ideas they said its been done so many times and especially with fashion revolution the other week it over done and especially in the time we have with this project we would never fit it all in but we had a good basic idea but we where getting carried away and especially as we don’t have time so not good about starting a hole brand with labels, products creating a shop which was right, so we went away to research more into what interested us but still having the same basics of the organic clothing. I was talking about how organic, dairy free, gluten free in food is really trending at the moment and how we all think so much about food like what we buy so why not clothing? So we came up with the idea of junk food and clothing.

We liked the idea how we are all aware of when we eat junk food, so aren’t we when we buy cheap clothes are are just important in society we eat to live we wear clothes but its not acceptable to not. So we liked the contrast. I then said why don’t we have a slogan for our product which is really catchy and the younger audience can react too something on social media and i mentioned a slogan of:   you are what you eat. you are what you wear.

And we thought we could have this on a takeaway box in the inside of the lip for example domino’s box open it up with a folded shirt inside and on the lid would be:


This is a initial idea of what we designed on photoshop of the sort thing we would like to design:


And we thought we could also have a Instagram account to hit the public of this idea and upload comically pictures that people can react too and remember because you are more likely to remember something if its funny, like some adverts you see.

These are pictures of what we have created so far on Photoshop of the sort thing would be posted on social media such as Instagram:

These are only initial ideas to get a visual idea of our idea but we are going to develop these more. But you get the idea of wear junk food and healthy food as clothes.


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