Interior project- What is interiors to me?

First project of our unit, after reading the brief i took it as what is interiors to me and i wanted to explore this, what interests me in the interiors world.

I found after reading especially¬† interior magazines such as ELLE decoration, country living and country interiors that i was actually really interested in the items that decorates the room (decor/accessories). I feel this is what makes the home is all the nick knacks you fill it with. For this project i will be exploring “stitch” in print and hand stitching to explore my decor for interiors.





Third year-last year of uni!

So i’m now in my last year at uni, in this year i would like to come out of this course with a portfolio i’m proud of in a specialized technique. I’m going to find my style more and develop and define it, i also want to push myself with new techniques and things that i have been putting off but i know its a good skill to have especially if i’m interested in teaching i need to have a good set of variety of skills. My main thing i have going to force myself to learn, is Photoshop.

My “thing” is mainly hand embroidery but i will also enjoy print so i’m looking forward to combining these techniques in various ways aswell being there own technique.

So hope you’ll all enjoy reading my journey in my last year!


needle and thread